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Nano Curcumin/ Nano Curcuma 2cc

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It called “Vegetable bear gallbladders” in japan. It used cancer treatment in china

Origin is India, Curcuma aromatica is one of them called yujin, golden color and to its ability to treat the lungs It used in Antiseptic action and anti-inflammatory effect


Korea KBS, SBS, MBC, has been introduced in major daily newspapers.

curcumin's pharmacological effect has been proven



China: In use With heart disease


= medical report

= Diabetes and Obesity Prevention 

= promote digestion of fats, and aid intestinal peristalsis 

= Cholesterol Control Effects 

= Prevention of kidney damage and Damaged kidneys recovery

= Good for Arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis


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materials Turmeric powder(India)
main ingredient Nano-solution products
color yellow - orange
appearance colloid
solid content 5~10%
base water 90~99%
PH  5.0 +- 0.5

Packing : small Box = (5piese is 1 Set) X 6Set

              middle Box = small Box X 4ea


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