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MISO-Z Engine Oil Additive/Patent Nano Zirconia

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Nano Platinum & Zirconia Engine Oil Additive / Engine Curing Agent

MISO-Z is not general engine oil additives but brand new concept of engine curing agent which is made of Nano Platinum and Zirconia by the cutting edge Nano-Technology.
There by most of existing or potential problem of general engine oil additives could be solved.
Super fine Nano Platinum coated chopped


It is the most strong material compare of ceramin materials and also excellent resisting material because of having the high melting point (Toru) (2677 ℃) and low thermal conductivity
 Therefore, it is an excellent material to use in the sudden heat and rapid cooling using thermal insulation  

. Therefore, engine becomes more smooth, quiet and powerful. This scientific and fundamental way restores engine and change the car into a new one eventually.
MISO-Z can be used in any car or industrial engine. It maximizes sealing up, lubricant and thermal conductivity functions inside of the engine. It also works as a catalyst for less carbonic dioxide and combustibility of engine which makes the car more powerful and environment friendly.

  • Product type
 Capacity  60ml  Passenger car, SUV, RV
Capacity  160ml  Small Bus, Truck

* Gasoline, Diesel, LPG common use.
* Differences between NanoLab and other products.

Item   MISO-Z  Other products
 Main Materials  Nano Platinum, Zirconia  Ceramic powder, Metal powder,Molibden compound, Graphite,
  Function   Restore the engine to the
 optimal condition.
  Restore the engine to the
 optimal condition.
 Use  Any type of car or engine.
 Can use regardless of engine oil
 change period.
 Differences for each car, fuel, engine type.
 Can not use at any time.
 Safety  No risk of Oxidation or burning
 in any condition or temperature. 
 There is a risk of main material oxidation
 in a harsh condition.
It can give very strong bad effects on engine.
 Durability   Use1 time, the effect is lasting till
 Certain effects in the beginning
 but it disappers in some time.
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MISO_Z Engine Oil Additive_Patent Nano Zirconia