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Engine oil additive

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Engine oil additive

○ What is Engine Oil Additive "MISO-N" ?

  • Miso-N Engine Oil Additive (Engine Coating agent) is new concept of product invented by most advanced Nano Technologies such as Nano Platinum and CNT production and Dispersion, thereby most of potential problems in conventional types could be solved . 
  • Platinum coated chopped Carbon Nano Tube dispersed perfectly in engine oil restores worn-out parts of engine and coats the surface of engine inside and it forms lubricant membrane on inner wall of engine. With those process, engine becomes smoother, quieter with more power and economic solution. 
  • Nano platinum dispersed in MISO-N and coated in CNT works as a Catalyst for less CO Gas and for combustibility of engine, which makes the car more powerful and more environment friendly
  • Chopped CNT processed with most advanced technology for this application maximize the lubricant function of CNT and it is most stable against all kinds of chemical , and with the excellent thermal conductivity, it reduces the temperature inside of engine.

○ Product / Type

Passenger Car, SUV
Gasoline, LPG, Diesel engine Public use
Bus, Truck
Gasoline, LPG, Diesel engine Public use
mass consumption company
Gasoline, LPG, Diesel engine Public use

○ The Curing Process of "MISO-N"


Saving the fue!
Saving the fuel up to 30%
Rust & Corrision Protect
Forms Lubricant Membrance inner engine
Reduce Exhaust Emmision
The catalyst effect of Nano Platinum Perfect Combustibility, Minimize fuel Knocking
Increase the power
Reduce Internal friction & Engine wear
Improving Cylinder Compression
More comfortable
More quiet and more smooth
Lonher life cycle
Longer Life cycle

>> Carbon Nano tube, CNT

  • Excellent Electric and thermal conductivity, mechanical
  • strength, self lubricant, chemical stability
  • CNT Length control technology (patent pending, first in the world)

>> Nano Platinum, Pt

  • Excellent Catalyst
  • Evenness of the size
  • Excellent dispersion (Pantent)

>> MISO-N (MISO-N) Pantent / Korea

  • Patent - Nano Platinum, Pt (No. 0401335)
  • Patent - Carbon Nano tube, CNT (No. 10-20080036275)
  • Korea Machinery-Meter and petrochemical Testing & Research Institute